Modern Family Season 7 Spoilers: Joe And Manny Off To A Rocky Start? Sofia Vergara Returns!

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Modern Family is back for a seventh season and fans are excited to know what will be in store for them in the first episode. The last season of Modern Family left a lot of unanswered questions, so here are Modern Family season 7 spoilers for those who might want to know what will happen before the show starts.

Joe Pritchett

The next season might reveal an older Joe Pritchett in the premier episode of ?Modern Family.? Seven-year-old Jeremy Maguire is set to take on the role from the young Pierce Wallace., according to TV Line. Executive Produces hinted about how Manny will have a more difficult life when the older Joe joins the show. And that Jay will spoil his child in a way that will take a toll on his relationship with Manny, posted by TV Line.

Haley and Andy relationship

Season 6 of Modern Family also left us hanging with Andy and Haley having been able to confess their love for each other but was already too late. The love-hate relationship of the two almost entirely began in the early episodes but didn?t really develop well because of their stubbornness. With Phil not realizing that Andy really likes his daughter, the whole Haley-Andy relationship will be an amazing story to look forward to in season 7.

Sofia Vergara returns

Sofia Vergara is back on set as Jay?s wonderful wife Gloria Pritchett of ?Modern Family.? Vergara has posted a number of photos in the production set, officially announcing her return with a selfie from the Pritchett home, shared by International Business Times. She posted some photos earlier this week with her cute co-worker Jeremy Maguire and also shared a photo with her fellow cast member Erica Stonestreet.


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Watch out for the new episode as season 7 of Modern Family is set to premier on September 23.

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