‘Modern Combat 5’ Update: No In-App-Purchases, Good or Bad Thing?

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Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat 5

Recently, Gameloft posted a Twitch live stream about the current progress on their upcoming title Modern Combat 5. In the Twitch video, they confirmed a number of things, and one of the biggest thing they have mentioned, that will certainly turn heads, is the game having no in-app purchases. Not a single one at all.

This is one big deal maker of the game. The usual gameloft games have heaploads of in-app purchases and the previous Modern Combat games is not an exception to this rule. Not until the 5th one that is.? Though the in-app purchases for their games aren?t like IAP, which forces their players on coughing up more real-life money to get things done.

In Modern Combat 5, there?s no way to make your progress faster by paying up or spending some cash on ?top-ups?. Instead, you?ll have to play the game in order to actually progress and the player leveling also relies on how well you play the game. You unlock everything by doing certain tasks and challenges in the game. This clears up any hunches about players needing to dish out some real money in order to progress in the game.

Aside from not having in-app purchases, other details about the upcoming game also state that multiplayer mode will have 1 to 1 up to 6 on 6 battles. It will also feature kill cams and kill streaks, which is sort of similar to the game, it is paying homage to, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Gun camos and voice chat are planned for future updates instead. The Twitch auto stream won?t be included in the initial release ?as well.

One thing that might throw off some players by surprise is the fact that Modern Combat 5 will require you to be online when you ?play it. According to gameloft, this is to battle hackers and also to provide a better online experience and take the full advantage of cloud saving. Finally, gameloft stated that Modern Combat will be out this summer, so better check it out once the game gets released on both iOS and Android.

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