Modern Combat 5 Gets Pirated Ahead Of July 24 Release! Gameloft Pissed Off

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Pirated copies of Modern Combat 5 surfaced online days before official release

Pirated copies of Modern Combat 5 surfaced online days before official release

Over the weekend and until now, thousands of pirated copies of the upcoming game Modern Combat 5: Blackout by Gameloft have surfaced online. These reportedly came from a copy that the developer awarded to winners as part of a promotional contest.

To gain more traction and publicity, Gameloft held a contest for Modern Combat 5 that offers an early access copy as its prize. The game developer claims that some individuals have taken advantage of that copy, cracked it, and made it available in various shady sections of the Internet.

Florian Weber, a Gameloft Community Manager, expressed his frustration over this incident via a post in the game?s Facebook group:

?So, as you can imagine I am really pissed off. To anybody who got MC5 already, shame on you! We are making games for you and all you can do is pirate them? Shame on you!

Anybody which is talking to me and shows in some way, that he already has MC5 will get an instant ban.

Seriously, this is why we can’t have nice things,


a pissed of Gameloft-employee.?

Moreover, several Twitter users openly posted on Gameloft?s official website saying that they are already able to play the game. In YouTube, numerous Modern Combat 5 gameplay videos have been removed in accordance to violations under Terms of Service. However, a handful of videos showing how to download and install the game remains available in the video-sharing site.

Gameloft has also addressed the issue in a separate statement: ?Following the release of several pirated versions of Modern Combat 5 prior the release of the game, we have turned on our anti-piracy systems and now all illegitimate users on a non-official version have been incapacitated. ?Those who used this pirated version of the game just need to wait for the official game release which is on Thursday July 24. We will continue to stay alert and respond adequately to all hacking attempts.?

Modern Combat 5: Blackout will be officially released later this week (July 24) for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices. It comes with a $ 6.99 price tag; Gameloft promises that it will be a one-time and all-in fee as no in-app purchases will be offered.

Here is the Modern Combat 5 trailer shown last month during E3 2014:




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