Modern Combat 5 Blackout For Smartphone and Tablet ; New Trailer Release!

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Gameloft has released a new trailer for its upcoming smartphone and tablet first-person shooter (FPS) video game – Modern Combat 5 Blackout.

Ahead of the E3 this week, Gameloft has posted another video trailer of its upcoming video game giving fans another reason to love the Modern Combat 5 Blackout.

In the video released with accompanying texts that read: ?The best FPS series on smartphones and tablets is back.? It cannot be denied that fans get more thrilled as big noise about the release of the game gets louder. Although there?s no other details revealed in the video other than the “coming soon” for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, still fans get more keyed up.

Gameloft explains, ?Teamwork, coordination, and strategy will make the difference, allowing individuals to use their skills to benefit the squad as a whole. Customizing your squad to take advantage of different classes for varying scenarios and opponents will also play an important part of squad combat.?

The official multiplayer features that come with the new Modern Combat 5 mobile device game include the ability to create persistence squads with your friends or other MC5 gamers which means you engage in battles with other teams from around the world.

Aside from multiplayer, the new Modern Combat 5 game also comes with the global chat and a social network which would enable players to meet other gamers and share their thoughts.

Moreover, there are other pieces of information about Modern Combat 5 that the Modern Combat 4 community manager, Candice Ma, and the Gameloft SF community manager, Ryan Changes, shared, and they are as follows:

  • ? Modern Combat 5 will not be cross-platform, meaning players on iOS, Android, and other platforms cannot play with each other in multiplayer.
  • ? At launch the game will be on iOS and Android, the Windows Phone version will be available shortly after.
  • ? The game will not be freemium, and there will be no in-app purchases.
  • ? The game will not feature voice chat at launch.
  • ? The game will not support AirPlay.
  • ? Players will need an active internet connection to play the game. Singleplayer is available over 3G, while Multiplayer will require Wi-Fi.

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Stay tuned for more details about the Modern Combat 5.

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