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Modded StarCraft Can Now Play Co-op Campaign

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Around 16 years after the first campaign was played for StarCraft, people are still playing the game. Even if there are ?better? versions such as StarCraft 2 and other RTS games out there, StarCraft can still provide quite an experience to the consummate gamer.

As with any other old game release, there are also modifications, or mods, available for StarCraft. The most popular one seems to be the Gundam mod. In this mod, you are still given three different factions, only slightly changed. In contrast to the popular Gundam series, the factions have been remodeled with the Terrans becoming the UNT Spacy faction of Amuro Ray, and the Protoss, the Principilaty of Zeon of Char Aznable. There hasn?t been any notable changes made to the Zerg, except for the seemingly metallic nature of the creatures.

It was a popular modification, especially for fans both of the series and of the game. Imagining that you can play, create and control units from the series is something else, and people took to modding their StarCraft copies once they got tired of playing it. But it?s been years since mods have come out; there might be others out there, certainly, but there haven?t been any ones worthy of mentioning, until now.

Co-op has never been seen before in RTS games, but it is used during team play and competitive play. However, campaign co-op has always been an after-thought; it might work in hack-and-slash and first- or third-person shooters, yes, but it remains to be seen how it will work in a campaign RTS game. Until someone thought of getting some help when he?s playing the campaign in StarCraft, and thus, the campaign co-op mod was born.

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Playing through the missions was enjoyable, especially if you were immersed in the storyline and you wanted to explore the mythos. However, some of the other folks got lonely, in a sense. Finally, someone decided to make a campaign mod that would enable you to play along with a partner. It?s usually done in the style of skirmish modes.

The faction that you control and which faction, depends on what chapter of the story you?re in. If you?re playing the Protoss story, then both of you will have a Protoss basecamp, and so on. But somehow, it remains to be seen how they fixed the confusion for the final stage of the vanilla storyline, That pitted your Protoss and Terran units against a Zerg enemy; the initial thought, and most sensible one, would be that each player either takes the Terran or Protoss unit in that chapter.

This co-op mod isn?t just some run-of-the-mill mod, though. It actually makes sense, and the makers of the mod took great lengths to make sure that this mod will not be a breeze. The difficulty of the vanilla game was tweaked to compensate for two players playing the campaign instead of one, and they actually went ahead and added a new ?insane? difficulty in the game. If you are an expert of the so-called ?Zerg Rush?, you might want to think ahead of how to best use that strategy if you?re playing the Mengsk campaign once again.

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