Mod Turns GTA V Into a First Person on XBOX 360

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We have seen a lot of mods used in different games in PC?s for ages. We modify games to our liking, whether you want to look like a pokemon carrying a machine gun or spiderman in a bat suit. Players mess around with games most of the time. We have seen mods change the visuals of most games even enhancing gameplay and performance. But the thing is that mods might damage the game and make it unplayable; it is a risk that most players do.

Mods in PC?s are common and probably easy to do, but it is kinda bit harder if you are doing it in a console. You can use a lot of hacking tools while using PC?s. All you need to do is use these tools, have a vast knowledge in scripting and pick the game that you think is vulnerable and you are good to go. The script allows the player to alter the game?s properties.

There are lots of known First-Person Shooting games that have been on the rise with the recent development in CPU and GPU?s. And it is definitely entertaining, feeling real-life experience, seeing the gaming world like with your own eyes. GTA V is one famous game nowadays. But have you ever wanted to roam around Los Santos in first person? Probably yes.

And that is what YouTube user XBLToothPik of the modding community did, but he did more than that. He modified GTA V into a first person shooting game. Playing a game in first person might have graphical issues, especially GTA V. GTA V is not intended to be a first-person game, but he made it possible. Not only did he change the mechanics and gameplay, but he did it on a console, which is pretty amazing.

The modded version of the GTA V game only goes so far in an Xbox. Now they are trying it out in ?PC. It will probably come out better than in console and will be released later this year. And with all the talk about the Oculus Rift, it will probably work well with it as well.

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