Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Looks Ridiculous, Comic-con Fans Protest

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Hunger Games' Mockingjay 2
Mockingjay Trailer Part 2

So the Hunger Games cast attended their last Comic-Con press conference last Thursday, and showed the latest trailer of the Mockingly 2, second installment of the third book by best-selling author, Susan Collins. And honestly, it looked ridiculous.

I can?t fathom the idea of why the soldiers of District 13 (all wearing white), would suddenly synchronize in a movement that?s obviously not military exercise (we?re they preparing for a dance? We?re they robots? A zombie school band? I don?t know), and out comes Katniss Everdeen, unflattering cape that?s obviously too big for her because it gets stepped on and falls off her shoulder, revealing a snug, red leotard (which actually looked hot on JLaw), and the line ??Freedom is worth fighting for. Stand with us,??flashes in the end.

What. Was. That.

I?ve read the book, so pretty sure this BS is not something that Katniss would stand for (remember her disastrous intro sequence with Heavensbee?). The whole thing felt like a stiff, intimidating dance number. Or a really cool tampon commercial.

Wired describe it as “The clip, which looks like a mashup of a video from Janet Jackson?s Rhythm Nation 1814 days and the opening sequence from A Few Good Men, shows Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) coming into her full power as the Mockingjay.” We’re pretty sure they meant that lovingly though.

Yahoo movies on the other hand, didn’t protest the trailer (sad) but they did mock the cast’s failed attempt to whistle Rue’s iconic tune.

Fans no the other hand said:

“It looks like they are getting ready for a Nazi dance battle.”


“Is the trailer corny as hell or what?”

Then there’s:

“They’re f*cking dancing with rifles. They’re f*cking dancing. Ugh. Why do you have to make soldiers look like a team of cheer leaders?”

And of course, our favorite:

“I think i saw this in “almost 300″ movie. I’m always up (for) a nice dance battle.?Channing Tatum approves.”

Effective presentation of the Mockingjay cast

But if the crowd?s applause was any indication, it did capture the attention of those who visited the Mockingjay Part 2 panel during the comics conference, and made for a grand entrance for casts Liam Hemsworth, Willow Shields, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence.?Director Francis Lawrence and producer Nina Jacobson were also in attendance.

Another?teaser was also screened during the presentation ? an exclusive full trailer?that will not be released online anytime soon.?This made the crowd even more excited, and I bet it was better than the first drivel.

The trailer put a spotlight on the Katniss-President Snow face-off, and revealed a few exciting scenes from the last movie. When Lawrence/Everdeen finally shouted ?Turn your weapon to the Capitol! Turn your weapon to Snow!?, the whole Hall H erupted into complete pandemonium.

Points are to be given to the four people who earlier entered?the stage with their mysterious white outfits, followed by the resounding drum line from the local San Diego high school band ? it was a presentation Panem would be proud of.

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