Mockingjay Part 2 Poster Decoded: New Poster Reveals Spoilers Of Hunger Games? Last Movie

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Hunger Games' Mockingjay 2
Mockingjay Trailer Part 2

The final trailer of the Mockingjay Part 2 of the Hunger Games series was just released, and although there are quite a few important scenes revealed, such as characters expected to appear and intensity of the action scenes, it?s the new posters which we believe makes the most reveal.

Mockingjay Part 2 Poster decoded

The Mockingjay Part 2 poster decoded

So we prodded the design and we?ve seen quite a few points to consider when it comes to the last movie. So what are those that we got from the poster? Warning! Spoilers ahead!

White Rose

The most obvious clue. The white rose creeping up Jennifer Lawrence/ Katniss Everdeen?s face only means that this will be the final showdown between Katniss and President Snow.

Blood flowing from the rose

Aside from the colors black and white, the color red, most noticeably from the blood flowing from Katniss? eye means obviously from the rose, could mean that a tragic occurrence ? death perhaps ? is expected from the last movie, and we?re waging that President Snow has a hand on it.

The Capitol Troops

There are quite a few troops/soldiers surrounding Katniss and it can only mean an all-out war between the Capitol and the Rebels. But noticeable, the soldiers are facing in different directions, can this mean a faction among the troops?

The Mockingjay?s Wings are spread

If you look at the Mockingjay in the first two books of the Hunger Games, you?ll see the Mockingjay bird slowly easing its way out of its confinement. In the poster, the bird is visibly free. This is a hopeful symbol for fans of the series because it clearly means being free from whatever strong force Katniss and the rest of her allies have been fighting with.

So what other info can you find from the poster? Sound off in the comments below!

The Mockingjay Part 2 will air worldwide on November 20. To watch the final trailer, click here.

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