Mobius Final Fantasy Released For iOS and Android Devices

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Mobius Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy fans rejoiced when Square Enix released a mobile version of the famous game franchise. Although not linked to any story of the Final Fantasy universe, the Mobius Final Fantasy is definitely a must see.

Produced by Yoshinori Kitase and written by Kazushige Nojima – both Final Fantasy veterans – the duo changed the way the game is played. Although there is still the turn-based gameplay, interaction is predominantly done with one hand. The players move along a predetermined path fighting a series of battles along the way. In between those battles you then spend your time customising your character. Mobius uses a deck-building style in equipping spells and abilities.

The story starts with the main character, Wol, who is washed ashore the strange land of Palamecia. Consequently, he lost all his memory of his past. He then travels north guided by a disembodied voice named Vox to become the ?Warrior of Light?.

According Kitase, when they started developing the Mobius Final Fantasy, they thought long and hard to make it worthy of the Final Fantasy Name. The solution? Come up with a kick-ass story. And come up they did.

Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius is a kind of game where the story narrative works in a way to keep the players coming back for more. The game features an episodic design and has been updated with new contents since its release in Japan last June. This makes Mobius a bit similar to other multiplayer online games. However, the main difference of Mobius with other MMOs is that Mobius follows a particular story sequence instead of just some random little quests.

Before the start of developent Kitase said:

“The concept of having a rich 3D game on a smartphone itself did not get much understanding from others when we initially started this project. This is because casual games were dominating the app store ranking at that time. That is why we intuitively thought that there is value to be found there? Our overall mission was to break this perception that mobile gaming equals casual gaming.?

To brush-off this point of view, he recited other veterans from the Final Fantasy Franchise. People like, Mitsuto Suzuki to compose the soundtrack and Toshiyuki Itahana for character design. Suzuki is best know for the soundtracks for two spin-offs of FF XIII and Itahana for Crytal Chronicles and FF IX.

“We entrusted Nojima to come up with a new story for Mobius Final Fantasy worthy of a Final Fantasy title,” says Kitase.

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