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Mobius Final Fantasy Guide: Final Fantasy Type-0 Legend Card Tips

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It is essential in Mobius Final Fantasy to learn how to use ability cards and how to equip them to the player. With the month-long celebration of the Mobius Final Fantasy app, an additional batch of ability cards was released.

For a limited time in Mobius Final Fantasy, you can now summon Type-0 Legend cards. These can be claimed via random selection per day. With each card comes a different element, attack/magic and job preference. Using one summon ticket, you can get a hold of these rare cards.?To give a brief explanation of how the ability cards at Mobius Final Fantasy are used, here is a quick guide.

The ability cards have a total of four elements assigned to them. These said elements are as follows: earth, which is represented by the color brown; fire, represented by the color red; water, represented by the color blue; and finally air, represented by the color green. Use these elements to battle enemies that are weak against them. For example, an enemy with fire element will have a bigger damage if you use a water ability card. The same principle is also applied to the earth and wind elements.

In order to use the ability cards at full potential, equip these cards to their corresponding job cards. The job type can be seen at the bottom left of the card. These are symbolized by the following: Knight – one long sword, mage – one staff and ranger ? two daggers. When you equip these cards to their corresponding job cards, the stats and attacks will increase.

Now that we know the basics of the ability cards, you can check out the official list of?Fantasy Type-0 and their attacks. This list also includes the elemental type of each card. These can help you decide which card to use on enemy battles.

Make sure to check these stats info so that you can fully utilize the Mobius Final Fantasy Type-0 ability cards to the best of their capabilities.

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