Mobius Final Fantasy: Get Free In-Game Bonuses On August 3 Release

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Mobius Final Fantasy

Recently, Square Enix has started a pre-registration event which gives out free starting items for the Mobius Final Fantasy mobile game. Items such as Elixirs, Tickets, and even a Final Fantasy 10 Yuna card will be given away once they hit a corresponding number of recruit goal. The new Mobius Final Fantasy trailer featured English dialogue from its cast and the free-to-play mobile game showed great graphics for a mobile game. Square Enix has confirmed that it will come to both iPhone and Android app stores this coming August 3. Here?s the trailer from the Square Enix NA Youtube Channel.

The localized version of Mobius Final Fantasy will have a North American and European server as teased on both the NA and EU Square Enix sites. Currently, both sites are running the pre-registration service for players interested to play the game when it releases on August. Final Fantasy items such as Phoenix Downs, Elixirs, Ability Tickets, Summon Tickets, Final Fantasy 10 first sword in the game, Brotherhood, and the Yuna card will be given away to all its starting players if Square Enix has recorded enough players that pre-registered in the game. Fans seeking these bonuses should recruit more players to assure earning these pre-registration rewards.

As seen in the trailer, players will play as Wol, an otherworldly Warrior of Light who embarks on a quest to defeat Chaos. Player will have to fight monsters and walk through 3D actual towns in this mobile game. More often than not, most mobile games stick to the 2D artsyle or simplified 3D graphics, so this Square Enix game could actually be a great title to try out next month.

However, this game isn?t exactly new as it was already out in Japan last year in June. This mobile game has an episodic story and already has reached its fifth chapter?s part 2 on its Japanese server last May 1. It?s unknown if the episodic story on the North American and European server will start on the beginning or just match the updates on its original server. The mobile game for iOS and Android ?Granblue Fantasy? from Cygames has opened its server to international players by just adding an English language setting in their game that translates the game?s menus to English and keeping the dialogue in Japanese.

Unlike the Niantic and Nintendo title, the game may have surprised its fans as they haven?t made a Mobius Final Fantasy subreddit in anticipation of the game?s localization. This is fair as the recent trailer has just announced its release date suddenly and the Japanese server had just received its major update last May. Once the game is out, this subreddit can actually be filled about discussion of the game?s content like Niantic?s Pokemon GO. However, this fan hype may easily be gauged if the subreddit manages many community activities before and after the game launches.

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