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Mobile Tech Apps and Sites For a No Car and No Office Work Life: Wi-Fi Finder, ShareDesk, DeskTime, Barclays Bikes App, BusChecker, Tube Map, Thunderspace, Coffitivity and Ambiance

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Mobile Tech Apps and Sites For a No Car and No Office Work Life: Wi-Fi Finder, ShareDesk, DeskTime, Barclays Bikes App, BusChecker, Tube Map, Thunderspace, Coffitivity and Ambiance

Many people regard the use of mobile technology as a crucial tool to create a ?virtual office? environment. Many mobile tech experts, however, emphasize that the use of mobile devices means so much more than just replacing the traditional office workspace with a home office setting.

As many companies have shown in recent times, the use of mobile devices, provides many employers and workers more options than just working at home. It enables many employees, as well as business owners, the means to work ?on the go?.

In short, work has become more of what people do, versus where they go to during workdays.

It provides individuals to have more practical use of the available time, and even make use of what used to be periods of downtime in the traditional setting.

Mobile technology has also risen to the reinvention of the traditional work day, week, month or year.

This development and change in work schedule and habits, because of the use of mobile tech, is affecting more and more people, especially those who belong to the Generation Y (those born in the late 80’s).

To illustrate this situation, it would be worthwhile to note several mobile tech apps that have spearheaded this ?no-car? and ?no-office? revolution that is sweeping the world today.

  1. Wi-Fi Finder ? Of course, no virtual office can exist without the connection to the internet. Many people find it beneficial to spend their 9 to 5 days in their home offices, but more and more workers find the need to do their jobs on the go. Which is why finding the nearest wi-fi hotspot is important. Wi-Fi Finder is an app (available for Apple and Android devices) that can search for the nearest hotspot in 650 Thousand locations in 144 countries.
  2. ShareDesk and DeskTime ? For those who literally have no office space to meet and greet clients, ShareDesk ( ) and DeskTime ( ) are sites / apps that provide desk space for the day (or week / month) as needed. The site/ app makes it easy for the ?mobile worker? to search for the right location and office items (printer, kitchen, etc..) needed for the meeting or project.
  3. Barclays Bikes App and Other Bike Apps ? The Barclays Bikes app and other similar apps provide the car-less traveler the nearest bike parking / docking stations, as well as where to get available bikes. These apps also provide bike routes so you won’t be late for that meeting.
  4. BusChecker, TubeMap, National Rail Enquiries ? No car and can’t ride a bike? No sweat. Use the public transport available and get live updates on various transport services using apps like TubeMap, National Rail Enquiries or BusChecker. These and other similar apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.
  5. Ambiance, Thunderspace and Coffitivity ? Simulate the natural sounds of nature to create a better working environment (than what you have) in order to be more productive with your work. Thunderspace not only provides the sound of wind and thunder, but also emits flashing ?lightning? lights that are in sync with the audio. Do you miss that ?coffee shop? sound where you wrote your first novel? Then download and use Coffitivity to provide you with the energizing ?noise? found in coffee shops. Ambiance on the other hand lets you create your own environment with thousands of sounds at your disposal.

For those thinking of working in a virtual office, don’t think that having no office space or car will decrease your productivity. The proper use of mobile technology will make sure that you get the job done properly.

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