Mobile Suit Gundam Updates: The Iron Blooded Orphans are at it Again

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Mobile Suit Gundam
The Iron Blooded Orphans

Last year, Sunrise released a mysterious link regrading ?big news? for Gundam fans. On July 15, 2015, it was revealed that a new series called Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans (IBO) was already in development and would be launched in October of the same year.

Fast forward to the present, Iron Blooded Orphans has now become immensely popular with high-ratings (7.9 in and 8.2 in IMDb), a growing following and loyal fan-base. With this success, Sunrise guaranteed a second season of the series, although no timeline was given.

But around the beginning of this month, another mysterious link was posted by Sunrise, giving little to no clue of their announcement. Last week, though, details were finally given involving the airing of two Gundam anime series – Gundam Build Fighters Try: Island Wars and the second season of IBO!

With a special promotional video (PV) providing a glimpse of what to expect from Mobile Suit Gundam IBO season two, fans were certainly left wanting for more and more. We do get to see our favorite (and surviving) characters like protagonist Mikazuki and Tekkadan leader, Orga, giving us a sense of familiarity in the series.

The PV also showed new mecha (OF COURSE) that will be part of the second season. The not-so-traditional stylistic designs of the Gundam and other Mobile Suits are still continued in the series, but taken up another notch. With just the grunts (mass-produced mobile suits) alone, fans will definitely see the attention to detail put in developing the mechs for the series.

Artwork has also been released by Sunrise and Bandai, which provide Gundamers with better details on the designs of the Mobile Suits. Catching everyone?s attention was the personal Gundam of Mikazuki, the Barbatos Lupus [Tentative Name], which has obviously been upgraded to the nines with its bulkier armor, high-heels and bad*ss sword (taking inspiration from Cloud Strife, maybe?).

At this point, this mostly is what Bandai and Sunrise have left fans to work with. We will all just have to wait for October to see what the Tekkadan and (maybe) Gjallahorn are up to next.

To see the complete PV of the second season, click here.

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