Mobile Suit Gundam Episode 22 Link: Where To Watch And Iron-Blooded Orphans Review

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Mobile Suit Gundam Episode 22 can already be streamed online. This episode of Iron-Blooded Orphans is not the typical installment that gives you the battles you always expect in a Japanese mecha anime. ?Not Yet Home? is but an episode of a trip down the memory lane.

According to Anime News Network, ?the episode was an absolute throwback? for Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. It is noted also that the episode 22 titled ?Not Yet Home? has nailed ?all of the most outstanding components of an early Gundam series for a more modern time.?

The report mentions that the only flaw of Mobile Suit Gundam Episode 22 is the font type of the title which is a sort of eye-sore. It is too small that it didn?t serve its purpose at all. As for the content of the ?Not Yet Home,? fans are expecting that there will be a resolution concerning Carta. If recalled, the previous episode was already ?leading up to a showdown between her and Tekkadan.?

However, it is an utter dismay that fans are led to believe that due to the commotion concerning Biscuit?s death in the last week?s episode, Carta was able to escape instantaneously. Perhaps, this expectation will be settled in the upcoming installment. In fact, some fans took their rant in Reddit to vent out their disappointment. Almost everyone wants her dead. Nevertheless, it is still a relief that she didn?t die since her role is essential in the Gundam franchise.

Reno-Gazette Journal says that despite Mobile Suit Gundam Episode 22: Iron-Blooded Orphans lacks the battles that fans always look forward to, the exposition is well-received by its critic. Just like ANN, RGJ likes the plot and presentation of ?Not Yet Home.? In addition, the report says that ?there isn?t much time left in the season? but then what have transpired in this freshman run has perfectly set up the next season.

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