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Mobile Recruiting and Job Application is Becoming a Norm

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The unemployment rate is alarming and continues to rise in some countries in the world. To address this concern, more jobs?will be created in the U.S. in 2014. A recent?CareerBuilder survey?indicated that two in five professionals plan to change jobs before the end of the year. This means that more people will be competing for the jobs that will soon be open for application.?Serious job seekers must always be ready to apply for a job anytime. This may even mean applying via mobile devices.

Mobile recruiting is becoming a new norm. In the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Insights Conference, it was reported that only 26 of the Fortune 500 companies offer a mobile-optimized job application process. But these numbers are about to change because experts say that the corporate and business world will create easier mobile processes for job aspirants. Mobile device sales are surpassing personal computer sales so this is very likely to happen.

Technomedia Talent Management’s Vice President for product marketing and strategy, Rayanne Thorn, said that the job hiring process will “become the new normal.”


“More and more people are using mobile for all computing and online activities ??online job applications are the norm now.?Gone are the days of simply walking into a workplace and filling out an application,”?said Thorn. “Applying online is now requisite in most pre-hire situations, and with over 7 billion mobile devices out there, applying via mobile should be an obvious standard.”

Although it is an unconventional method and a rather weird option for many people,?Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at?iCIMS, a provider of talent acquisition software solutions said that it is a highly advantageous choice.?”Applying via mobile is designed to help the candidate more than the employer. As the economy has improved in recent years, more and more workers are considering changing jobs. Essentially, the goal [with mobile job applications] is to make sure that when you do see a job opportunity listed, you can apply right away versus having to bookmark the site and come back to it once you?re back on your computer.”

Storing your resume on a mobile device should not be a problem, according to Thorn. “Resumes should be accessible in online or cloud storage solutions like?Google Docs?or?Dropbox. Additionally, creating an online resume, either on a site like?LinkedIn?or by saving a PDF in?WordPress?is a very good idea ? many organizations are recognizing the ease of ?Apply using your LinkedIn profile? and have added this to their application process.”


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