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Mobile Legends Update: New Heroes, New Game Mode, And Other Changes In Latest Patch

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Be prepared, players, a new Mobile Legend update has be released in select countries, and it has a lot in store for you. From new heroes to new game modes, this new update will be a big hit for sure.

A Mobile Legend update?was recently revealed, and it shows the new frills that the game will have. Thanks to this reddit post, we now know what to look forward to.

First off, we have new heroes in store for the next Mobile Legend update. These include Lolita (a support/tank character that can give shields to their allies), Freya (a Valkyrie for crowd control) and Hayabusa (a ninja that can shoot out multiple weapons and casts shadows in all directions to kill enemies). Add them to your preferred character list to maximize your choices.

Another addition is a new game mode. The update?introduces the ?Brawl? mode. In it, players will concentrate their attack to just a single lane. Players can choose five heroes for this fight. To top it all off, this mode disables the health regeneration, so this will literally be ?a battle to the death?.

The chat options and support system have also been upgraded in this Mobile Legend update. For the chat part, players can now write custom chat messages and call for a surrender vote. In line with the support services, players can now report cheating players (either feeding or afk ?away from keyboard? players) to customer service.

Other minor changes has been?included in the patch. For one, you can now control your hero more smoothly when moving or attacking. Another is the added ?Hero Lock Mode? in the controls. This will allow the player to lock on to their enemies with ease.

Also, the ?Last Hit Attack? in the controls has been added. Players can use this mode to force your hero to attack towers under 10 percent health with the last hit button. Furthermore, the battle spells ?Execute? and ?Retribution? have been swapped. This means that the Execute option will be unlocked earlier than the Retribution one.

There are more changes and alterations in the Mobile Legend update.?The patch also includes?balance changes, skin giveaways, and graphic tweaks.

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