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Mobile Legends Update: New Hero Yi Sun-Shin Skills Revealed

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Mobile Legends Update

The team from Moonton will once again introduce a new hero in the upcoming Mobile Legends update. The champion Yi Sun-Shin will be bringing his skills, weapon and “turtle” in the game. This article will allow players to gauge if this new champion is worthy enough to purchase.

After the crowd control fighter Ruby debuted, it is Yi Sun-Shin’s turn to hog the spotlight. This new character looks like a hybrid of Gord and Layla. We could expect him to have his first appearance in the game through the next Mobile Legend update.

This character is based from a great Korean naval commander that won countless battles against their Japanese enemies during the Imjin war. He is also the first champion in the game to have two weapons (a sword and a bow). His weapons suggest that he can either be a marksman (bow) or a fighter (sword).

Now let us tackle the possible passive skills that this new character will have with the help of Reddit user AskVeLL and his video. We can study this new character and how well he can perform during battles.

The first thing you will notice when you use this new hero is the huge turtle-dragon like figure in the middle of your home base. This creature is Yi Sun-Shin’s passive skill that will give the whole base an increase in both HP and defense.

This would most likely include the turrets, minions, and any allies that are in the base. In addition to these useful homebase buffs, Yi Sun-Shin can also use the said “turtle-dragon statue” and receive a buff for himself.

One active skill that was featured in another trailer is similar to Layla’s first skill. The only difference is that instead of using a large cannon, Yi Sun-Shin uses his miniature turtle ship. The turtle ship dashes towards its target and creates physical damage.

His second skill involves arrows. These “arrows” will target enemies near him. This method of attack is pretty similar to Miya’s second skill wherein a shower of arrows falls down on her target.

Another skill that was seen is the one wherein Yi Sun-Shin teams up with his enormous “turtle-dragon statue.” He goes back to the base and activates his third skill. His third skill opens the shell of the statue which releases several fire arrows.

These are just some of the possible skills and abilities that Yi Sun-Shin can bring in the next Mobile Legends update. Players better get ready and save as much battle points (BP) or crystals if they want to get their hands on this new hero addition.

#TurtleShip Yi Sun-shin

It's said that the turtle ship that Yi Sun-shin takes comes from his passive skill. He should be very agile!Those flying bombs fired from the base are Yi’s Ult, which will shoot three bombs toward every enemy hero on the map!If used in a good timing, it must make the enemies panic!

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