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Mobile Legends Update: New Hero Chou The Kung Fu Boy Revealed! What To Expect

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There has been a?consecutive release of new heroes such as Natalia, Kagura and Gord in Mobile Legends.?But there is still another mysterious hero that has yet to be discovered. What does Chou have in store for us once he becomes playable in the upcoming?Mobile?Legends update?

Chou will be the fourth consecutive hero addition in the game for two months in a row. What can the ?Kung Fu Boy Chou? give us that the other heroes can’t? Let?s try to decipher his skills and his specialty using the recent hero artwork that was revealed.

First off is the use of the ?Roundhouse kick? technique. This is a famous technique that relies on one’s leg power to attack an opponent using the dorsal part of the foot.

We can also assume that Chou will be a close ranged hero with a specialty of being a fighter. He will also be the first hero to be using only his body parts?as a primary weapon.

We can also see that both his haircut and yellow tracksuit-like attire has a huge resemblance with that of Bruce Lee?s appearance in his movie ?Game of Death.? This makes the aforementioned theory even more acceptable.

His abilities can focus on close-ranged damage attacks. It is also possible that the??Roundhouse kick? will be his SS ability. This can make him do consecutive circular kicks that can damage enemies. Provided that they are within the abilities’ range.

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Let us just hope that this new hero in the next ?Mobile Legends update would be worthy enough to stand up against the other former heroes when it comes to combat and ability skills. Let us also hope that we can meet him before this year ends.

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