Mobile Legends Sun Strategy Guide: Best Build And Equipment

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The latest hero of Mobile Legends has been playable since last week. Sun, the monkey king is the first among the weekly heroes to be introduced in the game.

Recently we have introduced Sun?s abilities and his strengths in our last Mobile Legends guide. Now we will be tackling the best build for him and what you should equip him with.

Best Items to Equip

Similar to Chou?s build, you can start off Sun?s equipment by purchasing ?Crazed Reaper?. This item gives additional damage and attack speed for your hero. The next item you need to build is the ?Tooth of Greed? . This will further boost your physical attack and at the same time, give Sun a considerable amount of lifesteal.

Another item to equip during the earlier start of the battle is the ?Tough Boots?. This item will give you additional movement speed and increase your magic resistance as well.

If you are planning to use Sun as a tank hero, you can further equip him with ?Cursed Helmet?. This will allow him to add more HP and magic resistance. You can also choose ?Bruteforce Breastplate? due to its increased HP and armor.

This will depend on what type of hero your enemy is. If you are faced with a spell caster, then go with magic resistance build and so on.

If you choose to use Sun as a crowd controller like Alucard, you can bulk up his HP by equipping ?Ice Frost? to your gear. This will give a massive HP add-on and it also slows target movements with each hit.

Best Strategy

Sun can be used flexibly due to his wide array of attack and skills. In order to properly use him as you see fit, keep in mind what your opponents and teammates are using. For the opponents, build your gears to counter them and use Sun to your advantage.

As for your teammates, see to it that you compliment your group. If ever your team lacks a tanker or a fighter, build up Sun accordingly so that you can further help your team in gaining victory.

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This ends our Mobile Legends guide for the new hero Sun. There is really no perfect build when it comes to these heroes. The best thing to consider is to study your battles carefully and strategize your way from there.

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