Mobile Legends Sun Guide: Tips And Tricks On How To Build The Newest Fighter Type Hero

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The new hero of Mobile Legends is now finally playable. The monkey king, Sun, is the first of the promised weekly hero release whom we also heard from the frequently asked questions. This time around we will give you a Mobile Legends Sun guide.

This new Mobile Legends hero is up for grabs for a hefty amount of 32,000 BP or 599 diamonds. If you plan to buy him now, you can get him with a discounted price of 419 diamonds. Since he is a new character, this Mobile Legends Sun guide can help you learn about this champion.

Similar to the role explained for Alucard, Sun is also a fighter champion who specializes in charging in battles. He also has three basic skills which he uses masterfully in battles.


His passive skill allows him to summon a doppelganger after five basic attacks. Thereafter, the five basic attacks he executes will increase his doppelganger’s level.

His first active skill is called ?Golden Cudgel Strike.? This deals physical damage and lowers the target?s movement speed at the same time. This is done with the help of Sun?s clone.

His second skill is named ?Instantaneous Move.? This is also another physical damage executed by Sun and his clone.

His final skill is called ?Clone Techniques.? Sun summons two top leveled clones that will aid him further in battle. This will cause additional physical damage to his target.

The best skill rotation for Sun would be to start with his third skill. This will allow him to have numerous clones to add more damage to his target.

Follow it up with his first skill and finish off with the second skill. These two skills will increase the damage rate of Sun?s attacks.

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This sums up our Mobile Legends Sun guide. Watch out for the second weekly champion that will be joining the game’s character roster soon. Hopefully, we can get to see them before the year 2016 ends.

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