Mobile Legends Rafaela Guide: How To Strengthen The Only Support Hero Of The Game

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With all the possible champions that Moblie Legends has, Rafaela is the eye candy of most players. If you think this angelic champion is too weak, then you have more reasons to see a?Mobile Legends Rafaela guide.?This guide?will help the players understand her more and how she is built. We will also give a brief rundown on what?s the best equipment for her.

Rafaela?s Class and Skills

The reason why Rafaela is such a diamond in the game is because she is the only champion in the support class. Not only can she provide haste and heal to herself and her teammates, but she can also fight alongside her comrades.

Her skills include Heaven?s Blessing (which deals damage and casts slow to the enemies and at the same time heals and hastens herself and her teammates), Light of Retribution (deals magic damages to the three nearest enemies), Holy Healing (gives HP regen to herself and her comrade with the lowest HP in her range) and Holy Baptism (deals damage and stun to enemies).

Best Gear Set-Up

In order to use Rafaela to her fullest, you should always keep in mind that her abilities focus on magic and mana consumption. At the same time, she is not built for head-on hero versus hero combat especially at the start of the game.

You need to think of gears to purchase that can help increase her HP, mana regeneration, defense, and speed and decrease her magic consumption. Listed below is the basic gear setup for her.

Gear NameFunction
Enchanted TalismanCool down reduction and mana regen
Magic ShoesIncreases movement speed
Concentrated EnergyIncreases magic damage, HP regen and increases HP amount.
Fleeting TimeIncreases magic power, damage ability and mana regen
Calamity ScytheIncreases magic power, mana and deals extra magic damage on her next basic attack.
Blood WingsIncreases magic power and HP.

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The last tip we can give in this Mobile Legends Rafaela guide is to avoid letting?her fight head on in the beginning of a battle. Take your sweet time to jungle around, complete your gears and support your team. The perfect time to join the hero bout is when you are able to build her up properly.

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