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Mobile Legends News: New Support Hero And Natalia Nerf Planned In Update 1.1.46

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Questions are still flooding the Mobile Legends page nonstop in relation to the players? concerns. Finally, the Mobile Legends team has broken their silence and gave their responses?on frequently asked questions.

New Support Champion

Question no. 1 was the possibility of an additional support champion in the app. In the game, Rafaela is the only support champion available for players.

The response from developer Moonton is a bit vague. They stated that they are planning to release one hero per week. They also stated that the support character will be available soon.?There is still no exact date on when the new support hero will become available.

No More Voice

Question no. 2 has something to do with the ?woman?s voice? who announces what is happening during battles. If an enemy is killed, a voiceover saying, ?An ally has slain” will be heard. If a teammate has been defeated, ?An enemy has slain? will be announced.

The team says that they are going to remove the voice immediately and replace it as soon as possible. Hopefully, they can get the ?man?s voice” back as per request from their players.

Another issue was raised in relation to the female announcer’s voice. The players? request is basically to remove the current voice and bring back the original male voice instead.

The reply given was very interesting. The team is planning to have a few voice options that players can choose from. The chosen voice will be used in the battle announcement.

The third question is in line with the possible banning of abusive words during chat. If you have played the recent patch, you would have observed that the game will automatically place ?*******? on an abusive or ?bad word.?

Aside from the abovementioned blocking, players can also manually block the chat. They can do this by simply going to the statistics board and tapping the block button.

Natalia Nerf

The possibility of Natalia to be balanced and nerfed is the last question that is usually asked by players. Once again, the answer was very general.

According to the team, they already have plans to nerf Natalia in update 1.146. They said they are actually be making balancing changes to heroes on a weekly basis in order to make the game fair for all.

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