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Mobile Legends New Hero Chou Revealed! See Him In Action Before The Next Update

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Before this December ends, players are anticipating that Chou will be making his debut along with the next major update of Mobile Legends. In the meantime, let us see what killer moves this Mobile Legends new hero has that we can look forward to.

This new?Mobile Legends hero has one thing set straight for us and it’s that he is a ?Kung Fu Boy.? This was the tagline during the reveal of his hero artwork. To further strengthen his devotion to his specialty, he has a striking resemblance to Bruce Lee. Chou nails it from his hair down to his outfit.?With regards to his attacks and abilities, it looks like he is a melee champion. He is comparable to League of Legends hero Lee Sin who is very skillful and powerful.

Mobile Legends New Hero Preview

First off, we can see in the trailer that Chou is a bit faster than most of the champions he is with. His first and second abilities? cooldown rate is very low; 8 seconds and 5 seconds, respectively. This will be very useful if you plan to do multiple combo attacks on your enemies.

His first ability allows him to attack using his hands to hit enemies directly in front of him. This can also cause stun to the enemies. On the other hand, his second ability allows him to dash towards the nearest enemy. The best way to capitalize on these abilities is by using the second one then following up with the first.

His final attack does not let any enemy escape him. First, Chou dashes to the nearest target in front of him. Next is the ability allows him to hit his enemies four times. This causes his opponents to propel upward with each hit. He finishes off this ability by kicking his opponent to the ground. This gives a total of five hits in a row.

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Chou is?expected to be a melee fighter. He can also be used as a jungler based on how he moves and attacks. This new?Mobile Legends hero?is someone worth looking forward to.?

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