Mobile Legends Natalia: Damage and Jungle Build Guide!

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The new champion of Mobile Legends, Natalia, is a bit tricky to use, especially if you are just starting to learn how to maneuver her in battles. But the most tedious part in any MMORPG for a new player is what to pick for the characters? build. This time, we will show you the two possible equipment builds that you can use for our femme assassin.

As stated above, Mobile Legends Natalia can both be used for jungling and damage if you are able to equip and buy the proper items for her. Thanks to these posts, we can have a clearer view as to what we should buy if we want Natalia to be a jungler or a damage-based hero.

Take note and be reminded that if you want to build Natalia properly, you have to, at the same time, make her stronger in the process. So you should buy these items in chronological order.

Damage Build

Natalia?s primary specialty is that she is a charger and a burst damage hero. This means that this equipment build will be the best setup for her, if you want her to be strong in head-to-head battle.

  • Blade of Destruction: Physical Attack + 75, Critical Strike Chance +20%, Critical Damage +50%, Unique Passive ?Doom? (Critical strike will increase physical attack to 5%)
  • Swift Boot: Attack Speed +15%, Movement Speed +40
    • In the latter part of the battle, you can sell this item and replace it with ?Brute Force Breastplate?-HP +700, Armor +40, Unique Passive ?Brute Force? (increase movement speed +2%, physical attack +3% as hero attacks enemies. This effect lasts four seconds)
  • Hunter Strike-Physical Attack +100, Cooldown Reduction +20%, Unique Passive ?Hunt? (Increases movement speed by 30% if an enemy hero is killed)
  • Immortality-HP +800, Magic Resistance +40, Unique Passive ?Rebirth? (Resurrects hero after dying and gets HP to 15% and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP which lasts for three seconds. Cooldown effect if 180 seconds)
  • Wind Chaser-Physical Attack +60, Physical Penetration +45%
  • Blade of Despair-Physical Attack +130, Attack Speed +25%, Critical Strike Chance +10%, Unique Passive ?Despair? (deals additional 15% damage to an enemy with an abnormal state)

Jungle Build

Due to Natalia?s high damage attack rate, she can be used as a jungler as well. In order for her to be more effective in this specialty, you can equip her with the following items:

  • Raptor Machete: Physical Attack +35, Attack Speed +12%, Damage to monsters +30%, Unique Passive ?Avarice? (+30% damage to monsters), Unique Passive ?Gorge? (Magic and Physical attack increases to 4 when monsters are attacked)
  • Swift Boots: Attack Speed +15%, Movement Speed +40
    • In the latter part of the battle, you can sell this item and replace it with ?Brute Force Breastplate?-(see above)
  • Tooth of Greed: Physical Attack +75, Lifesteal +25%, Unique Passive ?Frenzy? (hero will get an extra 10% lifesteal if HP is lower than 20%)
  • Blade of Despair: (see above)
  • Wind Chaser: (see above)
  • Blade of Destruction: (see above)
  • Immortality: (see above)

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These are just the basic build you can use for Mobile Legends Natalia. Once you are able to familiarize yourself with the other items, you can adjust the build to your preference.

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