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Mobile Legends Guide: Tips and Tricks On Building Saber

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If you fancy an assassin type of hero that can do both short-ranged and long-ranged attacks, then Saber is the best choice for you. But be warned, in order to use this champion properly, you need to bulk him up before you go head on with other champions. This Mobile Legends guide can help you do just that.

This Mobile Legends guide will tackle the basics in using this agile assassin. Players can also use the gear build up of this article as benchmarks for their own specialized gear setup.

Specialty and Skills

To start off, Saber is a melee hero that branches out to have a wider range of attack when his skills are used. Saber also has one passive and three active skills similar to other champions in this game.

His passive ?Enemy’s Bane? allows him to lower his enemy’s defense as he attacks them. This will consequently deal more damage to his enemies for a span of two seconds.

On the other hand, his active attack ?Flying Sword? shoots out four swords that will spin around him. Another active attack called ?Charge? allows him to dash towards the target enemy and deals additional damage to any opponent in his way. Finally, his ?Triple Sweep? allows him to do three consecutive areal blows to his target.

Gear Build-Up

As for any champion in this game, it is important to focus on Saber?s strengths and enhance his weaknesses. These said strengths include speed and attack, while his downfall is his low HP.

  • Hunter Strike: This will speed him up after making a kill. It also increases his physical attack and decreases his cooldown time.
  • Windchaser: This will increase his physical attack and armor penetration.
  • Warrior Boots: This will give him more movement speed.
  • Blade of Destruction: This increases both his critical strike rate, critical strike damage, physical attack all at the same time.
  • Blade of Despair: This will increase his passive damage.
  • Brute Force Breastplate: This gives additional HP to Saber and at the same time increases his movement speed and physical damage.

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The best tip we can give in this Moblie Legends guide is to think like an assassin. Hide behind the bushes and surprise your enemies using your skills and don?t let them get a chance to escape.

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