Mobile Legends Guide: Gord Vs Kagura! Who Is Stronger?

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The latest Mobile Legends update has once again released a new hero. Kagura has finally become available for everyone to use. But she comes with a hefty price. This makes players question themselves whether or not the new female mage is worth the BP or diamonds. Or, should they stick to buying the male mage, Gord the Magician? In this Mobile Legends guide, we will breakdown the heroes build to understand them more clearly.

This is the usual dilemma that every player encounters when dealing with characters of the same class, same abilities and attacks and even same purchase price. With this Mobile Legends guide, we can answer the question of Kagura being worth the hassle or would players prefer the other male mage, Gord?

Hero Attributes

First and foremost, both Gord and Kagura are under the Mage class. This means that they are both well equipped to battle their foes using magic as their primary element of attack. The difference between them is that Gord?s ?Specialty? is mostly damage/cost based and as for Kagura, her?s is a reap type of damage.

As for their attributes or stats, each hero excels with a particular quality, so let?s do a brief rundown of it. For Kagura, she excels on Physical Attacks, Armor, HP, HP Regen, Mana Regen and Attack Speed as compared to Gord.

Gord, on the other hand, has a higher Mana amount than Kagura. Both champions are equal when it comes to Movement Speed, Magic Power, Magic Resistance, Basic Attack Critical rate and Ability Critical Rate.


With regards to their passive skills, Gord?s ?Mystic Favor? not only does damage to the enemy but also adds a magic amplifier to the target that will give an additional 3% damage to any ability attack the target receives. As for Kagura, she can only do her ?Yin Yang Gathering? passive skill if she is holding her umbrella and it will deal damage to her surrounding enemies.

As for their active skills, Kagura needs her umbrella with her (either near her or her actually holding it) in order to execute her three skills. If her umbrella is out of her range, her skill will allow her to go to her umbrella first before performing her skill. As for Gord, he is able to do his active skills as long as the enemy is within his target range.

Hero Stats

These are basically the total breakdown on how the player will understand the general makeup of the hero. Durability wise, Kagura is more resilient than Gord but the latter wins the battle when it comes to Offense.

As for Ability Effects comparison, Kagura takes the lead from Gord. Finally, Difficulty wise, it is much harder and challenging to control Kagura than Gord.

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In summary, if you plan to play Mobile Legends and challenge yourself in handling a more advanced mage, then Kagura is the perfect hero for you (which costs 3,200 BP or 419 diamonds).

But if you prefer to enjoy the game without the added pressures of handling a complex hero and just play at your normal pace, Gord would be the ideal choice for you (he will cost you 2,400 BP or 499 Diamonds). We hope that this Mobile Legend guide has shed a little light in your Mage selection.

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