Mobile Legends Error 812 Explained, Why You’re Getting Errors

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More and more players are joining every day as Mobile Legends. However, despite the new players and several updates, many are still experiencing Error 812. This has been a very big issue regarding Error 812 as many players who want to play cannot enter the game. So, TheBitBag has deemed it necessary to give players a Mobile Legends Error 812 explained post.

In the Mobile Legends official blog, they have said that they know there are a lot of fans looking for the solution to game errors. They mentioned that “Error 811” and “Error 812” or game freeze solutions are searched as players cannot log in. The Mobile Legends developers know of the problem and apologize for it.

Error 812 solutions

According to fans on Reddit, there is no real reason for these errors to come up. But, some theorize that there are “hackers” that hack the servers so that they win the game. These hackers are usually the ones that cause the game to lag, so that he or she will be the one to drag the team to victory. This is really convenient as other players’ gameplay will severely be affected. However, this is not an official theory, but it could certainly be possible.

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There have been several ways players have tried to fix Errors 812, 811 and 408. One way of trying to fix this error is deleting the app and reinstalling it. This has worked for some, but this does not give a 100% success rate. Another thing players have tried to do is to clear the cache and data. But, according to user reports, this was deemed unsuccessful. On the other hand, players have also downloaded apps that changed their VPNs as their locations are apparently “banned.” However, there is no real fix until a patch comes from the developers themselves.

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Mobile Legends developers speak out

As mentioned earlier, the developers of this game know that there is something wrong with the server. They have sent out a memo in both their game, blog, and social media site:


Dear players,

There is an issue that makes some players unable to login the game currently. Our devs are trying their best to fix it right now.

We’ll give some compensation after the issue is fixed.

Thanks for your support and understanding!”

For now, there is no specific fix for Error 812. However, you may try out some solutions that have worked for other players. Do you have other solutions? Don’t hesitate to comment below. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more Mobile Legends: Bang Bang news.

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