Mobile Legends Bruno Strategy Guide: Tips And Tricks

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If you want a quick, speedy and magic-based champion for your team, then we recommend you use Bruno. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will teach you how to make him a battle-worthy hero.

Unlike our Mobile Legends guide for Miya which is based more on physical attacks and buffs, Bruno is more on speed and magic attacks. Knowing his strengths is the key to building him properly.


Bruno?s skills allow him to attack enemies at wide range. He uses his magic ball to hit his targets rather than going head to head with them like Natalia. So if you fancy a long ranged weapon-wielding hero, Bruno can deliver.

Also take note that Bruno is extremely fragile, so going head to head with other enemy champions is not a good idea. It?s best to be your team’s support and allow them to attack head on. You can use Bruno?s first and last skill to deal multiple damage to your targets.

Save your last skill for an opportunity where your opponent champions and their minions are all clumped up and busy in mid battle. Bruno?s final skill will allow him to kick his ball towards the target and deal a mean ricochet to anyone near it. This will cause a non-stop chain reaction until the ball has nowhere to bounce to.


Start the game by purchasing the item called ?Blade of Destruction.? It will not only increase your physical attack but will also give you a higher critical attack rate. Next to equip is the ?Swift Boots” which allows you to increase both the attack and movement speed of your champion.

The ?Scarlet Phantom? is your third item build. This will allow Bruno to further increase his attack speed, movement speed and critical hit. Next up would be the ?Fallen Sword” item which will give your hero a significant lifesteal mode. It will also help in adding physical damage and attack speed to your build.

This will be the best initial build you can give Bruno. The remaining slots will be for items that can give him higher chances of critical hits, physical damage and movement speed. There are a lot of those items ready for purchasing with those features. Just make sure that you pick the item which has a high rate or has all of those three attributes.

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This sums up our Mobile Legends guide for our champion Bruno. Remember that sometimes, attacking from behind is more effective than going head to head with your opponents.

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