Mobile Legends Bane Guide: How To Use The Character Effeciently

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Most players prefer speedy characters, especially when they are in an MMORPG game. Little do they know that those slow heroes are the ones that get really strong in the latter part to the game. This Mobile Legends Bane guide will help you to choose the proper build for him and how you can win matches with ease.

Pro’s and Con’s

Unlike the speedy Saber that can easily move around in his environment, Bane is slower at the early part of the game. However, once you get to start saving up and building his gears properly, you can see how powerful he is.

His skills are mostly magic based and at the same time it would deal physical damage to his targets. He also has a skill that can heal both himself and his teammates, as long his comrades are within the healing radius of the skill.


Now that we know Bane’s weakness and strengths, we can now equip him accordingly. Similar to Gord’s guide, we will focus on speed, magic, mana regeneration, armor and critical chance hit.

You can first start off Bane build with the “Endless Blade” that will increase his attack and movement speed, physical attack and magic power. It will also add mana to your gauge and give you additional lifesteal.

The “Oracle” is the second item that you need to purchase. It will give additional HP to your hero and give it a much needed HP regeneration. It will also give magic resistance and increased cooldown rate to Bane.

The next item on your list would be the “Magi Shoes”  which will boost your movement speed and decrease your cooldown even more. Follow it up by buying the “Dominance Ice” which will increase your mana reserve and armor. It will also give you a higher chance of a critical hit.

Next up would be the “Brute Force Breastplate” that will give Bane additional HP boost and increase in armor. Finally, equip him with the “Saint’s Refuge”. This will further increase his HP and give him magic resistance.

This ends our Mobile Legends Bane guide. Be sure to keep your cool and build him first before you can go all out on your targets.

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