Mobile Legends Alucard Guide: How to Use Him Effectively

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Many players think that Mobile Legends? Alucard is strong enough even if you don?t give him the proper build. That?s where they are wrong. It is true that Alucard is a strong champion, but it does not mean he doesn?t need to optimize his gears and build-up for battle.

This Mobile Legends Alucard guide will help players understand this ?fighter? hero even more. This guide will also let you know the basic build that is best used for this champion.


As we all know, all of the champions have a total of four abilities. The first is the basic attack that the heroes execute. The remaining three are their special individual abilities.

Alucard?s abilities are as follows: Pursuit, Groundsplitter, Whirling Smash and finally Fission Wave. All of his abilities deal massive damage to any enemy within its range. Furthermore, he has an automatic HP regen and a speed of 9, making him a fast and hard-to-kill hero.

Alucard is both good at being a head-on fighter and at the same time a jungler. His attack is not limited to a single enemy. It branches out to anyone in front of him that is an opposing unit.

Gear Build Up

This gear selection is probably the best choices for Alucard. These items focus on attack speed, movement speed, armor, HP increase and many more.

  • Thor?s Sting – This will add attack speed, movement speed and also increases the chance of a critical hit.
  • Warrior Boots – This item increases his armor and movement speed.
  • Fallen Sword – This gear will increase his physical attack, attack speed and add lifesteal.
  • Demon?s Advent – This will give additional HP and armor to your hero.
  • Windchaser – This will also increase you physical attack.
  • Immortality – This will allow Alucard to be resurrected two seconds after dying and gives him 15 percent HP and a shield that will absorb damages is equivalent to 40 percent of his max HP. This also gives him additional HP and magic resistance.

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This ends our Mobile Legends Alucard guide. Try to have a go with this build and see the big difference it has on your ?Demon Hunter? champion.

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