Mobile Legends Alpha Guide: How to Use The Newest Hero Effeciently

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Another hero has once again entered the realm of Mobile Legends following Sun, the Monkey King. He is none other than the cyborg Alpha and his trusty sidekick (or better yet, side robot) Beta. Together they form a strong force that is not to be dealt lightly with. This Mobile Legends Alpha guide will help players understand the new hero and how he works.

Abilities and Skills

This Mobile Legends Alpha guide will teach the basics on how you can get to know this new hero. Unlike his predecessor Saber, Alpha is way slower compared to other heroes. However, he is able to compensate it with his awesome skills, high damage rate, and ease of use.

He can handle himself quite well when it comes to head on attacks from the opposing team. He is also a good candidate for crowd control for each battle. His passive skill is called “Go, Beta!” wherein he summons Beta to attack and mark his targets. These marked targets will not only receive damage from Alpha but also from Beta.

His first active attack is called “Rotary Impact” which delivers a forward slash towards his enemies. This will not only deal physical damage, but also lower the target’s movement speed. This will then be followed by Beta’s attacks.

The next skill is called “Force Swing” which will deal damage to anyone in front of Alpha. This skill will also slow down Alpha’s targets and at the same time increase his attack speed with every hit his target takes.

Alpha’s final skill is called “Spear of Alpha”. This skill deals massive damage and it also stuns his enemies. Once the light spear hits his targets, it will guide the light towards the target and deals a considerable amount of damage.

The best skill rotation for Alpha is to first use his Second attack to slow his enemies. Follow it up with his first skill so that Beta can deal extra damage to the targets. End your rotation with his final skill.

This ends the basic setup of Mobile Legends Alpha guide. Be patient and slowly learn on how his skill works best for each of your battles so that you can alternately do different rotations to your advantage.

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