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Mobile Games: The Convenience of Gaming at the Palm of Your Hand

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Video games have come quite a long way over the years. Gaming has gone from arcades, to home consoles, to handheld gaming devices, and now even to mobile phones. While home and handheld consoles have their own audiences, it seems the gaming industry is still growing and reaching further into the smartphone market.

Smartphones have their own slew of mobile games to keep even the most casual of gaming enthusiasts entertained. However, it seems mobile gaming is tapping into the more devoted side of the spectrum, especially when its reach crosses over to specific groups of fans.

One such example is Final Fantasy XV. Though the game was first released in 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One, it now has a version for mobile phones. Referred to as Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, this incarnation of Final Fantasy XV gives a more structured approach to the game, making it ideal for its on-the-go platform.

Another example is the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The series itself has spawned titles across a plethora of platforms, granting the franchise a rather broad reach with its audiences. Unlike Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, however, the Kingdom Hearts mobile game acts more as an extension of the franchise’s universe than a representation of any Kingdom Hearts title in mobile phone form. This only shows that games can make contact with an assortment of markets so long as they involve different gaming platforms.

Handheld Gaming Consoles vs. Mobile Phones

What, then, makes gaming on mobile phones any different than experiencing a game on a handheld console? It’s worth noting that handheld consoles are designed to provide a convenient gaming experience that emulates the feel of gaming at the comfort of your own home.

On the other hand, gaming on your mobile phone provides the ease of video games on your smartphone — without the need of bringing yet another device when you’re out and about. Granted, not all mobile games are the likes of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles. As they ride on the coattails of a more mobile lifestyle, the nature of many mobile games gives users the ease of dipping in and out of gameplay without any hassle or significant consequence.

The New Hybrid

More and more innovations arise as the gaming industry continues to grow. Marrying the notion of gaming at home and on-the-go gaming is the Nintendo Switch. This hybrid gaming console operates just like other at-home consoles in the market. However, what makes the Switch unique is its portability.

Whereas other consoles are required to be plugged in and hooked up to a television, the Nintendo Switch provides the flexibility playing at home and actually continuing your gameplay — and seamlessly, at that — when you need to step out of the house. It may not be as easy to carry as a mobile phone, but the Nintendo Switch is definitely one innovation that is giving the gaming world quite a shake-up — in the best way possible.

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