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Mobile Game Dragons Adventure Designed for Playing While Riding a Car

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Do your kids play mobile games while sitting on the back of your car? Or perhaps even you play games with your smartphone while in the car, right? Then this new game for Windows Phone and tablets may get your attention.

DreamWorks, in partnership with Microsoft, released a game called Dragons Adventure: World Explorer. The game is based on the hit series ?How to Train Your Dragon.? Of course, we can expect that you will be riding your own dragon in the game, but what makes this mobile game different from the others?

Well, this game is designed to be played by kids while riding in the car. Sounds cool, but how does it work? Basically the player just needs to put their destination and the game does the rest.

?What happens is it takes the destination and creates a personalized quest,? Pete Mauro, Producer for App Development at Microsoft, told Geekwire in an interview. ?So, it knows where you?re going, it knows how long it takes to get there, it?s looking at traffic information and the route, so it has a progress bar that goes across, and when you arrive and you cross the finish line, the game is over.?


That?s definitely something rare?a mobile game that actually reads traffic data and integrates it to the game. There are also other features in the game that will require you to download map data from the internet before you take off the road. This means that you will probably need an internet plan or access a Wi-Fi network on your phone to download the data.

In the game, you fly around with your dragon as you discover a reinvented fantasy world of your neighborhood and your mission is to rescue captured dragons from the evil trappers by completing quests. Its world will be based on the landmarks in your neighborhood that you will be passing through while inside the car.


Dragons Adventure: World Explorer is available for download on the Microsoft App Store for free and is exclusive for Windows Phone and tablets.

With apps like these, Microsoft hopes that it could boost the sales of its products particularly the Windows Phone, which is still far off from its major competitors, ?iOS and Android.

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