Mobile App Review: 3 Best iPhone and Android Apps To Help You Sleep

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Mobile App Review: 3 Best iPhone and Android Apps To Help You Sleep

The importance of sleep in our lives has been emphasized over and over again. It is also said, that the use of technological devices, has affected our sleep patterns in a negative way.

Fortunately, a number of developers have created mobile apps that will help the weary individual get some proper sleep. We looked at a number of reviews on ?sleep-aid? apps and are featuring the 3 best apps we think, will solve your sleeping problems.


#1 Sleep Cycle (3zzz’s / 5 ; iPhone)

At the top of our list with a score of 3 snoozes out of 5 is Sleep Cycle.

According to persons who used and posted reviews on the Sleep Cycle app, the app is a super smart alarm clock that monitors your sleep patterns. Sleep Cycle collects data from you by using a motion detector, and will gently wake you up when your sleep regimen reaches its optimum level.

The app, available for the iPhone, recommends that you keep your iPhone beside you when you sleep, and plugged in, although a reviewer said that she just used the battery and it worked fine (although it would be a bummer to wake up to a half-charged iPhone).

For sleep apps like the Sleep Cycle, it is advised that you put your smartphone face down, as the phone lights up and might disturb your sleep, which would be counter productive.

Sleep Cycle gently wakes you up to a song of your choice (selected from your iTunes library) and will show you a graph of your sleep pattern. The app will also ask you to measure your heart rate and will inquire about your mood upon waking.

The app will collect these data every night and when you wake up, and will use it to determine your optimum sleeping moments.

It will then advise you on your sleep patterns, including your shortest and longest sleep sessions.


According to online reviews, these are the Plus and Minuses of the Sleep Cycle app:



  • Choosing your own wake up song
  • User friendly style and format
  • Smart motion detector
  • The summary data it provides on your sleep patterns


  • Setting up an extension cord if your bed is far from an electrical outlet / powerpoint
  • Sleeping with your iPhone
  • No app for Android


#2 SleepBot ( 2 zzzs / 5; iPhone and Android)


At 2 snoozes out of 5 is SleepBot.

SleepBot, an app for both the iPhone and Android device, acts pretty much the same as other apps, monitoring movement, noise and time of sleep. It also wakes you up at either a specific time or when you have had optimum sleep.

Reviewers noted that the app not only gave them info, whether they were snoring or talking in their sleep, it actually records the sounds it detects.

Some reviewers noted, however, that it did not necessarily help them sleep better. Still, the recorded snores and sleep-talk, gave them something to laugh about in the morning.

According to online reviews, these are the Plus and Minuses of the SleepBot app:


  • Sleep snore / talk recorder
  • Good information chart format


  • Complicated instructions and overwhelming layout

#3 Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson ( 1zzz/5 ; Android and iPhone)


Who is Andrew Johnson?

The reviews did not say, but it is assumed that he must be the man with the Scottish accent that speaks soothing lines on top of gentle melodies.

The app aims to lull you into a deep sleep, with the relaxing tunes, combined with soothing lines from Mr. Johnson.

One reviewer said that the Johnson’s voice sometimes sounds like Sean Connery, but at times reminded him of a James Bond villain, which disturbed his sleep even more.

The Scottish accent, it seems, sounds very soothing the first time you hear Mr. Johnson, but on a nightly basis, the voice can get creepy and annoying.

The app also requires the user to wear a headphone for maximum effect (to cancel ambient noise and focus on the music and lines) which is a problem for those who sleep on their side.

According to online reviews, these are the Plus and Minuses of the Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson app:


  • Relaxing melodies
  • Gentle and soothing Scottish accent


  • Costs $3.00.
  • Irritating Scottish accent
  • Scottish accent that goes on and on and on


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