Mob Psycho 100 Spoilers: Mob versus Ritsu?

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Mob Psycho 100 Spoilers

Mob Psycho 100 episode 4 validated speculations that almost all characters around Mob wants to use him for his powers. And to everyone?s surprise, this included his little brother, Ritsu. So far, the only ones who are not after Mob?s powers are his comrades in the Body Improvement Club who came to save him from Black Vinegar Middle School?s delinquents. Here are Mob Psycho 100 spoilers for the upcoming episode.

Ritsu?s Dark Side

In the recent anime episode, it was revealed that good ol? Ritsu, Mob?s younger brother, has a hidden desire to have psychic powers. Ritsu, being deemed as Mob?s complete opposite, was smart, popular and a perfectionist. On the outside, he looks confident and overprotective of his brother Mob, but it seems that his secret dark-side is slowly surfacing. We will soon know that nothing else matters to him than having psychic powers. Envious of Mob, he keeps a spoon with him to practice bending it with his mind.

If Mob?s meltdown is triggered by his awkwardness, Ritu?s will probably be triggered by Mob?s reluctance in using his psychic powers to get what he wants. Ritsu could not comprehend Mob?s resolve that his psychic powers are useless when it comes to things he wants the most.

Mob versus Ritsu

Later on, in the coming episodes, we will see Ritsu advancing and getting a psychic power for himself – and this will mean trouble. Unlike Mob, Ritsu (and probably the other characters who wanted to use him as well) thinks that it is okay to use psychic powers and violence against other people when necessary. This may be a foreshadowing of a Mob and Ritsu conflict.

Soon enough, Ritsu will awaken his psychic ability, and not knowing any better, he will let Lord Dimple possess him. He will cause chaos and Mob will try to stop him. Hopefully our main hero Mob will still be stronger than Ritsu. Who will win this battle of sibling psychics? For sure this will be intense. Find out the results on our next Mob Psycho 100 spoilers and review.

Mob Psycho 100 spoilers

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