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After the events from Mob Psycho 100 anime episode 2, the socially awkward protagonist, Mob, discovers what he really wants in his life. It is to be popular in order to gain the attention of his long time crush, Tsubomi. Mob joins the Body Improvement Club thinking that having psychic powers is really not what a girl wants from a boy.

In the next episode, we will see if Mob survives his first day, training with the Body Improvement Club. Though for sure, he would not even last for 5 minutes as Mob was never really good at anything related to athletics.

Should the anime series follow the manga, the Telepathy Club leader would then tell him that the best way to be popular with girls is to know what they are thinking, hence, Mob should study telepathy with them.

A confused Mob would then ask Reigen for advice but Reigen will not be helpful, as he himself does not have that much experience with girls. Because of this, Mob?s frustrations will increase and so will his powers, perhaps, at 50%. How strong will Mob be when he?s at 100%?

Mob Psycho 100 Anime

Mob Psycho 100

We are hoping to see Mob at 100% very soon in either episode 4 or 5, when he meets a very obnoxious man named Lord Dimple. Lord Dimple is the leader of LOL, a religion that makes people smile. Mob gets tricked into joining them, saying that Lord Dimple will give him his own smile and that this will make him popular?. This event is said to trigger Mob to reach his boiling point as soon as Lord Dimple’s true form is revealed.

Mob Psycho 100 has proven its charm with its first 2 episodes. The humor is at par with One Punch Man and the steady development of its plot gives the audience a good build up. For those who read the manga, the animated version doubles the fun experience because of the background music and amazing talents of the voice actors. Just like One Punch Man, the unconventional art makes Mob Psycho 100 even more hilarious.

See Mob unleash his true potential as an esper.

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