Moana 2016: What Makes Moana Different From Other Disney Princesses?

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Moana 2016

Moana 2016 is hitting the box office as big as the length and breadth of the ocean. The future of the movie is completely on the shoulders of this tropical Disney princess. Moana is a 16-year old pudgy-ish-girl who saves the world from darkness.

Disney princesses have many super powers and they are in many forms, but no one has been like Moana. Let?s discover what makes Moana completely different from the rest of the Disney princesses. And what makes the movie an instant hit to the theaters.

Why Moana Stands different?

Moana is inspired by a Polynesian Legend a Demi-God called Maui. Moana?s tale is completely different from the rest of the Disney princesses and their kingdom.

Right from charming Cinderella to Frozen?s Elsa, each and every princess is unique and has special characteristics to woo Disney fans. ?While Elsa froze everything and Moana plays with water, it seems that now Disney writers are focusing on natural elements to lure their audience. ?

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Moana 2016

Princess Moana is always attracted towards the water. Her grandmother every now and then recited adventurous tales to her. But this was not the only reason that attracted Moana towards the ocean. Her father Tui, the head of a village, figured out why Moana was always attracted towards the ocean. Watch the movie to discover the secret of Moana’s attraction towards the water.

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What Disney?s writer wanted to offer the audience with Moana 2016?

Disney?s team of writers wanted the audience to focus on natural elements. Moana is the movie about finding one?s true self, fighting darkness and making friends. It seems that Disney?s writers mesmerized their audience with the true nature of heroism and a true meaning of friendship between a girl and a man.

Moana was on the mission to restore the heart of goddess Te Fiti which was stolen by Maui. Moana cheated the mission as she got the help from the ocean. The movie cleverly convinced the viewers about Moana?s ability to control water.

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