MLG, GotFrag, and Bungie Drop Big News in SD

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Two huge announcements were made at the MLG event in San Diego today. MLG and GotFrag announced a partnership during a mid-day press conference. Shiska and Lukems of Bungie made their announcement at the main stage early this evening. Many were whispering that it was probably a map from the first Halo game. Photos and more details after the jump.

Press conference featured Karma, Smiley, Xena, TSquared, and one of the Ogre twins. The big announcement made by Chairman Mike Sepso and GotFrag‘s Lee Chen was a partnership to introduce a PC circuit, with the first official game of being World of Warcraft. Smiley and Xena were the first two females to make it to Pro bracket at Meadowlands. The two non-legal ladies (age 16 and 17 respectively) are part of Team Genuwin with Drummer and Snake.

MLG media sponsor ESPN were filming coverage, of course. Even Game Up’s Aaron Boulding was on-site to interview some of the pro gamers. Revision3’s Totally Rad Show got owned by Str8 Rippin’ 25-1.

Sponsors included: Stride, Astro (makers of official MLG headset, A40), Panasonic, HP, Dr. Pepper, and GameStop. Check out the amazing HP Blackbird 002 gaming rig below.

What’s a gaming event like this without booth babes?

Finally, the big news that Bungie dropped? The big reveal at Meadowlands was Blackout. Today in San Diego, they announced Chill Out from the original Halo is being released as Cold Storage. Shishka proudly teamed up with Karma and beat Lukems and Legend in a pretty close match that allowed attendees to check out this map update. When asked afterward , Shiska was not at liberty to confirm that the usual three maps would be releasing, but he did remind this editor that two code names have been mentioned on the site: Smuggler and Purple Rain. Are we to assume that Moonbase Alpha is Cold Storage? Another insider at the show even mentioned “Redemption.” Hmm . . .

Of course, the Frag Dolls were in town as well as PMS/H20. FragDolls Rainbow Six 2 team consisted of Brookelyn, Psyche, Pyra and Valkyrie and Coach Rhoulette with Mischief. Pyra and Calyber represented for the co-ed Halo team. Later, the FDs were giving attendees the opportunity to play HAWX for the first time ever at the GameStop booth. Two unique features of this flight title are: assisted paths and a third-person birds-eye view. The distinct camera angle draws back from the aircraft so that it is centered on the screen to the size of about 1 to 2 inches and allows for different maneuvers.

The PMS/H20 were sporting apparel by ProGamer. PMS Clan members pictured below: Minerva, Combat Queen, and Mac Grandma.

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