MLB The Show 17 Update 1.03 Drops On Tuesday, What To Expect

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MLB The Show 17
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SIE San Diego Studios is readying an update for MLB The Show 17 and players will only have to wait a short while before getting their hands on the update. It’s probably not a content-filled update though as the upcoming patch could serve as an update to sort out a few issues in the game. Here’s everything to expect from MLB The Show patch 1.03.

MLB The Show Patch 1.03 Release Date

MLB The Show patch 1.03 will release on Tuesday at 3 a.m. Pacific Time. We’ve yet to know just how big the upcoming update is but players shouldn’t expect a huge one. All that’s left now is to wait for the upcoming update when it arrives tomorrow. No patch notes have been revealed yet so we’ll have to see for ourselves what the update will bring.

What to Expect

Despite not having any patch notes, a few players already have their speculations on what MLB The Show patch 1.03 will have. Since its launch, the game has had a few issues that the developer still has to sort out. Hopefully many of the issues are sorted out once the update finally arrives.

One of the issues that plagued MLB The Show 17 since its launch was the game’s poorly maintained servers. Players had a tough time getting in on online multiplayer matches and even if they do manage to get in a game, there’s a chance that the servers will cause issues mid-game.

Till now, players are still experiencing a few server issues, but it’s not as worse since the reported cases a few days after launch. Hopefully, SIE San Diego Studios is looking to sort out the server issues with the upcoming update.

Aside from the server issues, there are still a lot of things that should be sorted out in the upcoming update and players are flocking forums to let SIE San Diego Studios know about the issues. One of the issues that players want sorted out is with regards to the game’s loading screen. Apparently, a stroboscopic whiteboard appears whenever the game gets into the loading screen.

FanRag Sports also listed some annoying issues in the game.  These includes a passed ball physics bug, unrealistic bunting, and blocked hitting feedback on a new batter.

There might be more than meets the eye in the update considering the game has a few issues. As for the patch notes, we could see it hours after the update finally arrives for MLB The Show 17.

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