MLB The Show 17 Trophies: More Skill-Based Trophies To Get Platinum

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MLB The Show 17 Trophies
Source: MLB The Show 17 – PlayStation Experience 2016: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

MLB The Show 17’s trophies reveal that players will have to pull off memorable plays and regularly progress to obtain the coveted Platinum trophy. Players won’t have to grind to get them all. However, players may still have to spend some many hours of playtime to get all of the trophies.

MLB The Show 17 Trophies

PSNProfiles’ MLB The Show 17 trophies list confirms that there are 32 trophies including the Platinum trophy. Like most games, players will need to get all the bronze, silver, and gold trophies through doing specific things during their matches. The trophies are scattered out to its game modes and content. Players may have to exhaust the game’s menus and features more than just playing the game.

Trophy List

MLB The Show 17 trophies won’t need to be grinded for, but it will require players to extensively play the game. Some trophies are rewarded when successful good plays during matches are made or just experiencing the features of the game for the first time. Here’s the MLB The Show 17 trophy list:

  • Done-zo! (Platinum) – Get all of the trophies
  • First, let me catch my breath(Gold) –  Score on an inside the park home run while playing at Polo Grounds
  • Still got it(Bronze) – Win a game in Retro Mode
  • Straight flexin’ (Bronze) – Hit a home run that travels a minimum of 430 ft in Retro mode
  • Why you heff to be mad? (Silver) – Strike out your opponent on a no swing on his third strike
  • Back in time (Bronze) – Complete a Retro Mode game with the 8-bit filter turned on
  • Every strike brings me closer (Gold) – With the same player, strike out,  then hit a home run in their next batting attempt
  • Secondary position? (Silver) – With a position player on the mound,  strike out a batter
  • Same name shame (Gold) – While batting with your pitcher, get a hit against an opposing pitcher who has the same name
  • Thou shalt not steal! (Silver) –  On defense, successfully throw out a stealing baserunner
  • “Our National Pastime All The Time ®” (Bronze) – Complete a game while using the MLB Network ® broadcast theme style
  • Win, Dance, Repeat (Bronze) – Discover a new end of game celebration by winning as the home team on defense in one of eighteen stadiums
  • Pulling the Strings (Bronze) – In Franchise, Season or Postseason™ modes,  complete a Quick Manage game
  • The hot seat(Bronze) – Complete a Critical Situation in Franchise/Season mode
  • Buckle up kid (Bronze) – Complete a game while using Player Lock in Franchise/Season mode
  • Your journey begins… (Bronze) – Create a new Road To The Show player
  • Prepare for takeoff (Silver) – Hit a home run while using Show Time in Road To The Show
  • Haters gonna hate (Gold ) – Equip your player  with a piece of equipment from each rarity type(Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond) in Road To The Show
  • Show me the money (Bronze) – Sign your first MLB® contract in Road To The Show
  • Team player (Bronze) – Accept a position change request in Road To The Show
  • Sick gainz bro (Bronze) – Enter a training session in Road To The Show
  • <3 Love It <3 (Bronze) – Favorite a social media message in Road To The Show
  • Road to the me show (Bronze) – Choose a sassy response in Road To The Show
  • Welcome back! (Bronze) – Enter into your second Battle Royale draft in Diamond Dynasty
  • I’ll take that (Gold) – Conquer and hold 5 different enemy strongholds in Diamond Dynasty Conquest mode
  • Mission complete (Bronze) – Complete one bronze level mission
  • Lookin’ good (Bronze) – Customize your Universal Profile nameplate and icon
  • Just stopping by for now (Gold) – Get placed into the Regular Season division in a Head to Head season during the Diamond Dynasty mode
  • My uniform is cooler (Bronze) – Complete an Extra Innings game in Diamond Dynasty
  • Cha-Ching (Bronze) – Purchase an item from the Ticket Counter
  • Wait now it’s mission complete (Silver) –  Complete one silver level mission
  • Participation trophy (Bronze) – enter an Online Event in Diamond Dynasty.

Some trophies can be cheesed like switching teams, completing it in local multiplayer game, fastforwarding matches, or tweaking the settings differently. Players wanting to complete the trophy list will have to fight for it through regular means.

Skill Based and No Grinding

Some of the gameplay trophies require the player to achieve a play that’ll usually generate hype for fans. Achieving these trophies blindly requires players to push their skill to the limit and aim for the best possible outcome. However, the grinding part may only start happening if the player doesn’t have many opportunities to make these happen in a normal game. Stay updated with more MLB The Show 17 news here on TheBitBag.

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