MLB The Show 17 Server Issues Plagues Day One Players, Fix Possibly Coming Soon

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MLB The Show 17
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SIE San Diego Studios’ most recent entry in the MLB The Show series launched recently so players finally have access to the game’s list of amazing features. However, it seems like players can’t enjoy the full experience just yet, especially the game’s online features. The MLB The Show 17 server issues are beginning to become a big trouble, but it looks like a fix is due out soon.

MLB The Show 17 came out with a few bugs and issues but fans are more troubled by the game’s servers. Since launch, players have yet to enjoy the game’s online features including online PVP as the servers are yet to fully function. The MLB The Show 17 server issues should be the developers’ top priority for now.

The MLB The Show 17 subreddit is lighting up with complaints regarding the servers. Some players are unable to connect to the game’s servers and those that are able to connect are experiencing a lot of connection stability issues. Needless to say, even those that are able to connect to the servers are having a tough time.

MLB The Show 17 subreddit moderator Spagoo notes that SIE San Diego Studios has already been notified of the issue currently bugging players. Even better is that the developer is already taking steps into putting the servers into a more stable and reliable state. Although no release frame has been set for the appropriate fix, we should expect the developer to stabilize servers within the next few days. Since players are already looking to get into online PVP or trading cards in Diamond Dynasty, then the developer should act fast.

While no exact reason has been pinpointed as the cause of the MLB The Show 17 server issues, players already have their speculations on what happened. Players are guessing that the developer didn’t expect the number of players that would try to get in the servers, that is why the current state of the server can’t handle the player count.

There are still a lot to do in MLB The Show 17 while the servers are still unreliable. Players could at least take their time in trying out some of the game modes including Road To The Show. It’s also a good time to practice against an AI opponents. It shouldn’t be long before the appropriate servers are fixed.

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