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MLB The Show 17 Road to the Show: Dev Demos Documentary-Style Presentation And RPG Elements

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mlb the show 17 road to the show
The game’s create-a-character mode. [Image from PlayStation YouTube channel]

MLB The Show 17 Road to the Show is the mode fans are looking forward to, thanks to new features announced. The mode is similar to My Career from the more recent NBA games, as they involve a created character. However, the developers have shown a lengthy gameplay video of the mode and it looks like it will have an RPG feel.

In the 17-minute video that can be seen on the PlayStation YouTube channel, we see dialogue options similar to Mass Effect. These heavily affect the relationships the player’s created characters have in the mode, so each requires a lot of thought. Baseball fans seem to be eating it up and the simulator should entertain fans of America’s favorite pastime.

On With The Show

Since PS4 exclusive titles need to impress fans, a mode like MLB The Show 17 Road to the Show is how to do it. From what can be seen in the video, it seems like the developers worked hard to make it fun and interesting. Aside from the aforementioned dialogue options, there are also points that can be distributed to the created character to make him better.

Players also have to work on the character’s stock, since players will want to be put on the best teams in the game. Of course, playing well in the big matches will help with this, but the player’s backstage attitude will also affect this. Gamers can play nice, lie about certain things or take their chances and be mean to everyone around them.

The Show Must Go On

If there are any complaints that can be had with MLB The Show 17 Road to the Show, it’s the narrator. Maybe the developers are going for a documentary-esque feel, but the voice tends to take away from the experience. That being said, the gameplay still looks fun and baseball fans will appreciate all of the RPG elements.

Given all the improvements, this could be one of the best sports games that comes out this year. Only time will tell if it can compare to acclaimed modes like FIFA 17 The Journey, but it has a good chance. Basically, if the player has a PS4 and is interested in the sport, it seems like this game is a must-buy.

MLB The Show 17 comes out next week on March 28. Unlike a number of sports simulators, this is a PS4 exclusive.

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