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MLB The Show 17 Review: Pros And Cons From Critics And Early Players

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MLB The Show 17
Screenshot Captured From MLB The Show 17 Trailer.

SIE San Diego Studios has finally launched MLB The Show 17 and players are in for a good time in the latest entry of the baseball game series. Reviews and first impressions from both players and outlets are scarce at the moment, so we compiled all of these for gamers to have a good basis. Here are the common pros and cons seen in early MLB The Show 17 reviews.


From the get-go, IGN’s MLB The Show 17 preview praises the change in the game’s menu. According to the review, the menu of the game is easier to navigate than in the past games. On top of that, the overhaul in the menu also gives the player a refreshing look of the game.

With regards to gameplay, IGN praised the depth that brought about by the new features. One of the new features that adds depth to gameplay are the multiple new animations added by the developer. “For instance, fielders no longer take robotically precise routes to the ball. I’ve seen outfielders get a poor jump on a fly ball, then compensate and make a great catch. I’ve also witnessed a fielder close in too quickly to the ball, only to watch it skip to the wall for extra bases,“ states IGN.

Another exciting feature worth noting is the new elements added to the MLB Network Broadcast. The commentators now reveal a more stat-driven commentary of the game including the path of the ball, exit velocity, and many more. Overall, the experience feels like a legit baseball game.

So far, only Cheat Code Central has an official MLB The Show 17 review.The website echoed the same praise given by IGN. Cheat Code Central gave the game a 4.9 out of 5, saying they were impressed with the game “from top to bottom.”

MLB The Show 17 takes a progressive, but tactful, step forward… Rather than shooting for the moon and burning up on the Sun, MLB The Show 17 calls out it’s home run and knocks dinger over the left field wall like it was nothing. This game is truly a delight and a must have for anyone who enjoys baseball simulations, even if you’re an Indians fan,” wrote Patrick Tretina of Cheat Code Central.


One of its pros also serves as a con. According to IGN, multiple lines are repeated early on in the game. This means that there’s a lack of dialogue recorded. While it’s only a minor issue, having repetitive lines for the game feels very off at times.

Meanwhile, NeoGAF user backbreaker65 also has a few qualms about the most recent entry in the series in his MLB The Show 17 review. The game is 4K and not 60fps says the player. The game has stutter, but despite this, it’s still playable. It will take a few hours for players to adjust though.

Another gripe is that there is HDR color distortion with the PlayStation 4. However, these are some things that the developer can fix later on. It’s sad to see these issues remain present after the game’s Day One patch. Hopefully, the developers can fix these issues as soon as possible.

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