MLB The Show 17: How To Get Called Up Guide In Road To The Show

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mlb the show 17 road to the show
The game’s create-a-character mode. [Image from PlayStation YouTube channel]

SIE San Diego Studio’s most recent entry in the MLB The Show series is an amazing title if players look past the server issues that plagued the game at launch. Like the past entries in the series, MLB The Show 17’s main selling point is the Road to The Show mode. It’s easy to play the campaign-like mode in MLB The Show 17, but it’s not that easy to get called up to the big leagues.

The penultimate goal of every player in Road to The Show is to get called up to the big leagues. While this might sound like an easy task in-game, some players might take a while before they finally play in the major league. Here’s a guide on how to get called up in Road to The Show.

Starting Up

Like most career modes in sporting games, the success of a player begins at the very first step in creating the character. In MLB The Show 17, players shouldn’t just create their characters whichever way they want especially if they are aiming to get called up to the big leagues as soon as possible.

It would be of big help to pick a starting position that’s currently in demand. It would also be better to pick positions that teams get in multiple numbers. For example, the outfield positions require three players, so there’s a good chance that an outfielder would get called up easily. Another good position to pick is a relief or a starter pitcher since most teams carry a handful in their roster. On the other hand, playing as a catcher could prove to be difficult when it comes to being called up in the big leagues since teams only carry a few in their roster so they wouldn’t need to look for catchers as aggressively as other positions.

After picking a solid position, it would be wise to allocate the appropriate stat points based on what position the player has picked. A balanced stat build isn’t also recommendable. If players want a speedy character, then they should focus on speed stats. But if they want home runs, then power is the go-to stat.

Pave Your Path

One of the new features in MLB The Show 17 is an RPG-style progression system called Pave Your Path. In this new feature, players get to decide how the career of their player goes through the choices they make. Basically, Road to The Show in the recent entry is not just a series of games tied to each other as players will need to really guide their players to the big leagues.

In the Pave Your Path feature, players get treated to several scenes wherein they are tasked to make choices that somewhat affect the progress of their players career. No exact details have been released to help players get called up quickly because of the choices they make.

However, it’s best to pick the more mature choices. It’s also important to sometimes side with what the manager is thinking for better chances of getting called up soon.

Play Well, Train Well, Live Well

But of course, one of the most important factors in getting called up to the big leagues is to train well. If players play and train well enough, the chances of getting to the big leagues increase greatly. If players are having a bad game, there’s nothing wrong with reloading the save to turn things around. As with the stat points, it’s once again best to pick stat points that are best suited for the position and the playstyle of the character.

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