MLB The Show 17: Deeper Look At Gameplay Features

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MLB The Show 17
Screenshot Captured From MLB The Show 17 Trailer.

It looks like SIE San Diego Studios is going all out with the next installment in the MLB The Show series as the next game is looking to have some of the best features yet. While we’ve seen the features in the game, we’ve yet to take a deeper look at it. A recent video showcases an in-depth analysis of what MLB The Show 17 has to offer.

The video by GameSpot seen below takes us on a tour through the anticipated features of the upcoming MLB The Show 17. From the looks of things, it seems like SIE San Diego Studios might have outdone itself with the next game.

Character Customization

As promised before, the character customization in the upcoming title will be deeper than ever. Players have a lot more options when customizing a character for a more personal touch. The options from hair and facial hair are better than ever with the varying choices to pick from.

Aside from these, players will have a deeper handle on their created characters’ personality options. There are more options when it comes to stances and home run celebrations. With the new options, there will be a lot of varying characters throughout the community.

Retro Mode

One of the main highlights of MLB The Show 17 is Retro Mode. The mode has been highlighted in several trailers, but this is the first time we’ll have a look at it in-game. Retro Mode doesn’t only offer a change of visuals; it somehow reshapes the gaming experience as well.

The UI, camera angle and everything about Retro Mode really does make the game more nostalgic than ever. It’s going to be a good addition to the game that would really entice baseball fans, both young and old.

Everything Else

The focus of SIE San Diego Studios when making MLB The Show 17 is to make the game as close to reality as possible. Each team will act differently during the game as the developer worked on how the teams behave during matches. After checking out the unique celebrations and acts of each team, the developer used motion-capture technology to place them in-game. Unlike previous titles, each team will feel different not only in the stats and the players, but on how they behave as well.

Other key gameplay features discussed are the factors that affect gameplay. For example, the weather and wind speed will really affect the movement of the ball.

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