MLB The Show 17 Gives Free Packs And Stubs As Compensation For Server Issues

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MLB The Show 17
Source: MLB The Show 17 – PlayStation Experience 2016: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4 video

The official MLB The Show 17 Twitter announced that developers will be compensating the fans with free packs and stubs for its launch day server issues. Ten Standard Packs and 11,000 stubs will be given out to all players in a seven-day period. Only players who’ve played at least once from March 28 until May 11 are eligible for these free content.

MLB The Show 17 Server Issues

As seen on the tweet, MLB The Show 17 developers are currently working on a fix to address its server issues. The developers also assured that the patch is coming soon, though there’s no release dates for it yet.

The server issues were mostly sudden disconnections while playing the online Diamond Dynasties mode. Many regular players were furious and San Diego Studios had to disable the mode until they fixed the issue. MLB The Show 17 is still playable with its wealth of game modes, even with Diamond Dynasties out of order.

Free Packs and Stubs

Nevertheless, players are assured to get free loot this week. Similar to most sports games, the packs will contain baseball player cards of random rarity and stat overall. These cards are used to compose teams in the game’s online mode. High stat overall cards are technically the best ones to get since they play well in the field. the MLB The Show 17 event often imposes rule restrictions that force players to use particular cards to compose their team. These 10 packs will be sure to prepare each player for these events if they manage to avoid getting duplicates.

Meanwhile, the 11,000 stubs is already a fair amount of money to have in MLB The Show 17. Stubs are MLB The Show 17’s in-game money and can be used to participate in card auctions and other online market services. For any player, developer compensation in form of loot is always welcome if it’s useful beyond the early game.

Fans Are Not Impressed But Appreciate The Gesture

Even with the free giveaways, fans on the MLB The Show subreddit aren’t excited with the server compensation giveaways. Fans note that the 10 packs will mostly contain Bronze cards. Bronze is the second worst card rarity and has low stat overalls for its players. The 11,000 stubs might only be appreciated by the players who barely spend on the game’s microtransactions. Even though the fans grilled San Diego Studio for the underwhelming compensation, they seem to appreciate the studio made an effort to reach to the fans, unlike other sports titles. Stay updated with more MLB The Show 17 news here on The BitBag.

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