MLB The Show 17 Release: Day One Patch, File Size, And Everything You Need To Know

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MLB The Show 17 Retro Mode
Retro Mode Of MLB The Show 17 [Image Courtesy Of PlayStation]

SEI San Diego Studio is set to release the next MLB The Show game tomorrow and many baseball fans are excited to see what new features and exciting changes the next entry in the series will bring. But before that, fans have to take a look at some important updates that comes on launch day. Here are the patch notes for the Day One update accompanying the MLB The Show 17 release.

MLB The Show 17 Release Time

Players have pointed out that the preload for the game is now up and running. The game is set to launch tomorrow exclusively for the PlayStation 4 so those who have pre-ordered the digital version should begin preloading now. However, the game’s servers won’t launch until midnight EST today.

The game also has a Day One update that players should take note of. According toplayers who received early copies of the game, a 2GB day one patch appeared after they inserted the disc. Around 20 minutes worth of installation was also needed to access all the game’s features. 

SIE San Diego Studios is yet to detail the Day One patch accompanying the MLB The Show 17 release. Since the patch is a whopping 2GB, there may be of content and changes in the update. It could fix a slew of issues that the developer has fixed since the game went gold. It could also add a few features to the game.

Meanwhile, the game’s file size is around 39GB, reports GameIdealist. Those low on storage space should clear their hard drive now or purchase an external hard drive.

MLB The Show 17 Gameplay Features

The developer has revealed the gameplay features of MLB The Show in the previous weeks. Needless to say, this year’s baseball game looks to be one of the best entries in the series so far. There’s a lot to dig into in the game as it adds more content to justify a yearly entry.

One of the most anticipated features of the game is Retro Mode. This mode brings players back to the roots of baseball games. It will have its own gameplay and massive UI changes and it’s a game mode that those who’ve played from the humble beginnings of baseball games.

Aside from that, MLB The Show 17 will also have a few improved features from the previous installments of the series. There will be a better Diamond Dynasty and Road To The Show.

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