MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty 25 And Under Event: Everything You Need To Know

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MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty
Source: MLB The Show 17 – PlayStation Experience 2016: Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4 video

Sony’s MLB The Show 17 has a new Diamond Dynasty “25 and Under” event which starts this April 27 and ends on May 1. The event will reward players with unique cards on a win streak basis and a new Rookie Series card packs that contains new characters. Here’s everything you need to know about the MLB The Show 25 and Under Diamond Dynasty event.

Event Details

The MLB The Show 17’s new Diamond Dynasty event is called “25 and under”. Players must compose a team full of players aged 25 or below. Other restrictions exclude Diamond-level cards in this game mode and team Overalls aren’t allowed to go over 89. Each match in this event will only have 6-innings and played with an All-Star difficulty.

Win Streak and Cumulative Win Rewards

Claiming rewards in this Diamond Dynasty event requires players to keep a large winning streak. The “25 and Under” event gives out Silver and Bronze level cards at its latter win streak and cumulative win rewards. Here are the rewards according to the wins needed.

  • Win Streak
  • 2 Win Streak – Guaranteed Common  Live Series Player
  • 4 Win Streak – Guaranteed Bronze Live Series Player
  • 6 Win Streak – Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player
  • 10 Win Streak – Hardware Legend Jackie Robinson (Silver, 82 Overall Stats)
  • Cumulative Wins
  • 5 Cumulative Wins – Guaranteed Common Live Series Player
  • 10 Cumulative Wins – Guaranteed Bronze Live Series Player
  • 15 Cumulative Wins – Guaranteed Silver Live Series Player
  • 20 Cumulative Wins – Hardware Flashback Justin Verlander (Bronze, 77 Overall)

The rewards in this event don’t have the best rarity and stats but they could be great in a future Diamond Dynasty event. Having the Verlander and Robinson cards could help you prepare for any ruleset for the next event.

Rookie Series Pack

MLB The Show 17 also has the new event exclusive Rookie Series Pack available on the Show Shop. The card pack guarantees to give the player a bronze flashback or legend character along with other loot. Players can only buy a maximum of 3 packs for this event.

Weekend Event

Players only have the last weekend of April to enjoy this “25 and under” event. Make sure to play extensively during these dates to quickly gain enough wins for the cumulative rewards. The Win Streak rewards might be difficult to obtain if they have characters with low Overalls. Stay updated with more MLB The Show 17 news here on The BitBag.

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