MLB The Show 17 Release Affected By Sony San Diego Layoffs?

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MLB The Show 17 is one of the most anticipated sports games coming out. However, some fans have been concerned after the most recent layoffs in Sony London. Some of them were worried that it would lead to a delay for the big baseball game. Fans will be happy to know that the game will not be delayed.

That’s not to say fans should be happy about the layoffs. It’s doubtful anyone would be happy about that at all. At the same time, it’s nice to see that the baseball game is on track. Here is hoping it pleases fans that have been waiting for the sports simulator.

Not Affected

Sony told Games Industry biz that the development team for MLB The Show 17 has not been affected. The news has made baseball fans very happy. Last year?s game looked fairly good, so next year?s should be one of the best games in the baseball genre. While the amount of layoffs weren’t good, sports fans can at least comfort themselves with this baseball game.

As usual, fans can expect some of the best baseball players to be in the game. They can also expect the realism of the sport to be present, minus a possible glitch or two. It should be a fun game.

Why The Layoffs?

While the baseball game not being delayed is great, the number of people being fired is not good. It seems like most of the layoffs come from the lack of success for some games. One of them is the free-to-play shooter Kill Strain, according to PlayStation Lifestyle. Oddly enough, Kill Strain will still be supported despite the layoffs, since the game seems to be rebounding.

Either way, it’s still not a great situation. One can only hope that another situation like this doesn’t happen again. Nobody wants to see someone get fired and here is hoping this will be the last of that.

The upcoming MLB The Show 17 does not have a release date yet. The baseball title should be coming out sometime next year. Will it be the best baseball game of all time? Only time will tell.

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