Mission Impossible 6 Production Halted Over Financial Dispute

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Paramount/Viacom impossibly halts Mission Impossible 6 production due to alleged financial issues. Two versions of the story came to light. One is that Paramount wants to cut back on fees for Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise and the two big production companies (Bad Robot and Skydance). The other version is that Tom Cruise might be demanding a big paycheck, equal to what he?s getting for The Mummy, which was produced by Universal/Comcast Corp and will be coming out next year.

Paramount has been unlucky this year so far, with flops like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Ben-Hur. Add to that, the movies Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and Star Trek Beyond are underperforming at the box office. Their wisest move should be to make sure that their most reliable franchise hits the theaters as soon as possible.

As far as cutting the budget is concerned, it would be a big feat to achieve seeing as how the last three franchises all cost around $150 million to produce. The last 2 delivered almost $700 million in worldwide grosses.

Financially disappointing year

Either way, while we know that Mission Impossible 6 will still happen, it only goes to show the financially disappointing year that many studios are going through. According to New York Times, Paramount is about to lose $350 million in 2016 due to the disappointing turnouts of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Zoolander 2 and this week?s historical flop, Ben-Hur. Even Star Trek Beyond didn?t perform too well as it saw a drop in box office earnings.

This financial squabble is only the second serious bump to hit Mission Impossible 6. Earlier in July, it was reported that there were alleged script issues, that production was shifted from November to early 2017. Because of these delays, the planned late 2017 release is now undated.

Mission Impossible 6 will be directed by Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie. As with the previous franchise, McQuarrie also wrote the script.

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